About the Project

I created Pudding Man in my spare time while at university. I was driven by my goal of finishing a game and releasing it onto the android app store. Working around my job at the time, I managed to finish the project after a handful of weeks of on and off development.

Developed using Unity and C#, the project goals included:

  • Creating a mobile friendly game
  • Randomly generate levels during the game
  • Finishing a game with all original artwork
  • Becoming more familiar with the Unity engine
  • Improving my C# skills
PuddingMan start menu
Menu and high score
PuddingMan Screenshot1
Randomly generated levels
PuddingMan Screenshot2
Variety of level types

Play the Game

The game follows an endless runner style, with the player tapping on their screen to eat rewarding blue cakes or avoid mouldy green cakes. The game features randomly generated levels with good and bad cakes being placed in an arrangement that never leads to un-beatable situations. I included a variety of different types of level to keep the player interested, for example frozen corridors have sliding cakes that are more difficult to avoid.

For this website I exported a webGL version of the game. Below you can load the webGL player and try the game for yourself, if your browser supports it. Please bear in mind that the game was not designed to played on internet browsers, and the high score system used does not work on this version.

Play in your browser

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Alternatively watch a video of the game in action below: