About the Project

For the 'advanced computer graphics' module at university we were asked to create a house using the Three.js library.

While learning about some of the fundamentals of computer graphics, such as different models of lighting, we used the Javascript library to create our own scene.

The project gave me the chance to learn about WebGL, as well as the chance to experiment with creating my own textures and 3D models for the house.

See the Results

Each different room includes some level of interaction. You can redecorate one room by repositioning the furniture, and in other rooms you can change the lighting conditions. The scene also includes different kinds of lighting and materials to achieve the desired results. For example, the main room includes an open window with a spotlight to create the effect of daylight.

Below you can load the webGL player and explore the scene for yourself, if your browser supports it.

Play in your browser

Alternatively watch a video of the house below: